The Story of Stella Maris

Stella Maris Retreat Centre is run by the Religious Sisters of Charity




The Story of Stella Maris

The Convent and Retreat house stands in Gleann na BhFeine, the glen of the Fianna, part of Howth Peninsula, Co. Dublin.  Legend tells us that Fionn and his Fianna sported here in the long ago.  The original house was called 'Glenaveena' and was given to the Sisters of Charity by Mrs. John O'Hagan on condition that the Blessed Sacrament would always be housed there. The Sisters took possession of it in 1893.

In 1929 the Chapel was built and has been a place of prayer and worship for all who come to it ever since.

From the beginning to the present time the Sisters have engaged in the Pastoral Care and Education of the people of Howth and its surrounding areas, formed sodalities, prepared children and adults for the Sacraments,  conducted retreats, seminars, days of reflection, provided 'quiet time' for those who wished and more recently used our beautiful natural surroundings to stimulate discussion on how we live and relate to our environment, our world, our planet and our universe. 

We look forward to continuing to share this wonderful resource with others in the future.


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