Sacred Space


Creation - God’s first Cathedral


Those who have ever paused in a beautiful setting such as a mountain top or quiet river valley


may understand the expression that creation was God’s first evangelist.


Sometimes in such inspiring places people can have a spiritual experience of feeling close to God.




There is a sense in which creation may be viewed as God’s first Cathedral,


a place where God can be found and worshipped.


In Psalm 19 these thoughts are found in the opening verses:


The heavens tell out the glory of God,

Heaven’s vault makes known his handiwork.




One day speaks to another,

Night to night imparts knowledge,


And this without speech or language

      Or sound of any voice.                                        


Psalm 19: 1-3



As evangelists of God’s good news we should care for God’s Cathedral of Creation, for to despoil it is akin to placing a barrier between people and their awareness of God’s presence.




Individual Hermitage

Self-Catering apartment for one person available throughout the year for quiet time, prayer and solitude.

Spiritual Direction available on request.


This house, St. Joseph's,can also be self-catering for small groups outside of retreat times. It has 1 twin room, 5 singles,small prayer room, sitting room, veranda with fantastic views and fully equipped kitchen. Rooms are not en-suite.






Above is the chapel at Stella Maris.

Outdoors, Creation itself cries out

giving Glory to God